This month Raul Regalado sat down with Erica Schmisseur from the Longmont Compass. Since June is small business month Erica was wondering why “Businesses come and go, but Longmont tattoo parlors seem to have incredible longevity.” We were incredibly honored to be a part of this article. To paraphrase the article it read:

“So, I wondered, what makes a tattoo parlor in Longmont stick around for more than ten years? Why do people love getting tattooed in Longmont?   I sat down with new business owner, Raul Regalado of Skinhouse Studio, to gain perspective on the challenges of breaking ground in Longmont.

Presentation and first impressions are everything. The first thing I noticed when I walked into both shops was the cleanliness. I found Raul’s Skinhouse Studio, that just opened up last October, tasteful and professional.

Respect for the clients is respect for the art.  After first impressions comes face-to-face interaction with the client. Raul regaled me with horror stories of previous establishments he had tattooed at, and it has shaped how he runs his business. A shop lacking respect for its clientele is not only distasteful to the populace of Longmont, but disrespectful to the art of tattooing.  There’s a lot of trust involved in letting someone permanently mark you.

To Raul his clients are “People allowing me to tell a story on their skin.”

Tattooing is commissioning work from an artist, not buying something off a shelf.

When I asked about their clients wants and competition with other Longmont tattoo parlors. In Longmont there’s competition, no doubt, but for these two artists it’s about challenging themselves. Even if it’s something as simple as an infinity symbol on the ankle, both artists will attempt to create their best infinity symbol to date. Raul has a code of ethics to tattooing: “Stay humble.

When it’s all said and done tattooing has become an integral part of our community in Longmont.  Learning about their clientele helped me realize that there’s no surprise that we have so many tattoo parlors in Longmont. Raul has put his art on bikers and their wives alike, and Julie has pierced a three-month old child and a 93 year old woman on the same day.

The clients that come to these shops are as varied as the customers that come into La Vita Bella, Pumphouse, or World Samples Bistro.

Many people in our community wish to express themselves through tattoos, and as Longmont continues to grow, so does the demand. For these Longmont artists it’s about being the best they can be and knowing people will follow.

Tattooing is much more than youthful rebellion.  The Longmont tattoo scene is a business, a culture, and an art-form that serves people from sixteen to sixty – and that’s a lot of customers.

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