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Longmont Colorado Tattoo Shop Skinhouse Studio prides itself in its passion for art.
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Personalized Customized Tattoos

At Longmont Skinhouse Studio we understand that each tattoo is a permanent piece of art and we create a tattoo that matches the individuality of our clients.
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Longmont Tattoo Studio Skinhouse

At Longmont tattoo shop, Skinhouse Studio we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our enviroment. Raul Regalado is trained in all health code standards and certifications,
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Karen Kress

Karen’s interest in Aesthetics stems from her love of art, fashion and tattoo. She brings a broad mix of experience to our spa. Being an artist interested in skin naturally led to tattoo and permanent cosmetics. As a Barbizon model instructor, makeup application was her favorite because the face is a canvas. She spent years as a photography makeup artist, highlighting the best features and covering the flaws. As she expands her services, we look forward to offering eyelash extensions permanent makeup and corrective cosmetics.

“As I get older, I wish so much that someone would have taught me to care for my own skin better. Growing up close to beach is taking it’s toll on my skin and pushed me out of camouflage into correction. My personal goal is to feel good about wearing my own face everyday, not covering it with makeup so I present the best every minute of every day and I want the same for my clients.” ~Karen Kress

Permanent Eyeliner Enhances More Than Just Your Eyes!

No more smudging!

No more running and rubbing off when you are teary from allergies, laughing too hard, being sad or happy tears  at a wedding!

No more time spent applying in the morning!

Have you lost the sides of your brows over time? I can make them longer, closer together or fill in patches with strokes that look like hairs!

Top Eyeliners
Bottom Eyeliners
Both Lids At Once
Lip Liner Only
Shape Correction Liner
Lip Line & Blend
Lip Full Fill
Brow Fill
Color Correction

$75/ hour
$75/ hour

Pricing for initial procedure includes one touch up appointment, for shape and color adjustment, after 4-6 weeks.

Hourly priced work does not include touch-up.

Lash Tint
Lip Wax
Brow Shape
Brow Tint